Our Founding Pillars - Body positivity & Inclusivity – House of Viraasi

Our Founding Pillars - Body positivity & Inclusivity

We at House of Viraasi strive to make women feel more confident, comfortable and happy in their everyday clothing. Our founding pillars are body positivity and size positivity to cater to women of all shapes, sizes, and colors to help them celebrate their bodies.

Our hand crocheted silhouettes are designed to bolster your style and boost your self-love and self-nurture, a feeling every lady deserves.

It is our constant endeavor at Viraasi to give every lady, regardless of their shape, size and color something to cherish in their wardrobe that fits her like her second skin. This collection is to celebrate the beautiful diversity and differences we have as women, to spread awareness of women who are battling for social equality, inclusivity and justice.

We have often heard our family members and even friends, married into brown families say that they ought to be in proper ethnic clothing all the time specially at home and in the night which is not at all comfortable. They wish to be stylish and have an elevated everyday look but due to such restrains and lack of options they have no choice.

In order to reduce the gap of what a family wants and what the lady wants, inspired by Indian culture and mythology, Viraasi Home Collection came into being for all the boss women out there who wish to fuse traditional Indian artwork and weaves with modern neo fashion patterns to bring to them the best of the both worlds.

We came up with this collection to introduce luxury, comfortable and trendy apparels that will merge the aforementioned needs of the society and us, ladies. 

What makes an outfit beautiful? The woman, of course. 
Welcome to the world of Viraasi.