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Our Founding Pillars - Body positivity & Inclusivity

House of Viraasis founding pillars are body inclusivity and body positivity, to cater to women of all shapes, sizes, and colors to help them celebrate their bodies. Our hand crocheted silhouettes are designed to bolster your style and boost your self-love and self-nurture, a feeling every lady deserves.Viraasi celebrates the beautiful diversity and differences we have as women, to spread awareness of women who are battling for social equality, inclusivity and justice.

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Say no to "FAT TAX"

Our take on ‘so called FAT TAX’ as @dietsabya might call it. Shame on the designers who to adhere to such measures and stoop this low, while calling themself inclusive solely to feed the social media clout is pathetic and unethical. We hope no one has to ever struggle to find a design that resonates with their style and are denied access to it or are overcharged for it only because they don’t fall into the so called ‘category of size 0.’ 

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