Garment Care – House of Viraasi

Garment Care

Every Viraasi outfit is made with broad array of colours and treads to give a distinct meaning to the design.
To ensure that the delicacy and softness of your garment is maintained, please keep your outfit in our Viraasi Dust Bags & follow the instructions:

Hand wash:
- Use cold water : Conserve energy and color! Choosing cold water is not only better for the environment, but it also helps to conserve the fragile fabric and color of the item. 
- Avoid vigorous scrubbing, which will distort the fibers. Rinse well and do not wring to remove water, gently squeeze instead.
- Some styles have a lot of colours present in it and might get stiff after the first wash, ironing the outfit will resolve this and after 2-3 washes you wouldn't face this issue. 
- Air drying lace garment is recommended to avoid snagging in the dryer.

The outfits are dry clean friendly. Do not use bleach or chlorine.