SAY NO TO "FAT TAX" – House of Viraasi


At House of Viraasi, we firmly reject the notion of the prevailing 'FAT TAX' trend that has unfortunately become a part of the fashion industry dialogue. Our core values center around inclusivity and positivity, and we are resolute in ensuring that every woman, irrespective of her size, feels valued and beautiful.

Here's our stance:

- Our commitment to inclusivity means that all sizes in a particular style are priced equally. Whether you wear 3XL or 2XS, you pay the same amount.

- We gladly exchange 3XL sizes for different sizes or designs, setting us apart from the practices of most designers.

- There are no exorbitant charges for larger sizes; you won't find a +5000 price tag for L to XXL sizes in our collections.

- Our apparel is crafted with the intent to boost confidence, reigniting the feelings of self-love and self-nurture – emotions every woman deserves to experience.

- We offer a broad spectrum of sizes, ranging from 2XS to XXXL. Yes, you heard it right – every size is treated with equal importance, regardless of the fabric used.

- Our mindset is based on the foundation of body inclusivity and positivity.

Our perspective on the so-called 'FAT TAX,' as highlighted by @dietsabya, is straightforward. We condemn designers who resort to such measures, viewing them as a disheartening reflection of unethical practices. We believe that claiming to be inclusive solely for social media clout is not just pathetic but also runs counter to our commitment to authenticity.

We sincerely hope that no one should ever face the struggle of finding a design that resonates with their style, facing denial of access or unjust overcharging simply because they don't fit into the narrow confines of a 'size 0' category. At House of Viraasi, we celebrate diversity, and every woman is deserving of fashion that makes her feel seen and appreciated.