Say no to "FAT TAX" – House of Viraasi

Say no to "FAT TAX"

We at House of Viraasi, at absolutely no cost believe in what has been trending now days and as one might call it ‘FAT TAX’.

• Our mindset and goal is based on the foundation of inclusivity and positivity.
• All the sizes in a particular style are priced the same. You pay the same amount for 4XL like you would pay for S.
• We exchange the 4XL size to some other size or designs, unlike most designers.
• No, you don’t pay +7000 for L to XXL sizes.
• Our apparel will bolster confidence and will reignite the feeling of self-love and self nurture, a feeling every lady deserves.
• The sizes we offer are - S, M, L, Xl, XXL, XXXL. - yes you heard it right, even if the cloth used in our largest size is 10 times more than the smallest size.

Our take on ‘so called FAT TAX’ as @dietsabya might call it.

Shame on the designers who to adhere to such measures and stoop this low. Calling themselves inclusive solely to feed the social media clout is pathetic and unethical. We hope no one has to ever struggle to find a design that resonates with their style and are denied access to it or are overcharged for it only because they don’t fall into the so called ‘category of size 0.’