Slow & Ethical Fashion – House of Viraasi

Slow & Ethical Fashion

Before making any claims on being an eco friendly, sustainable brand: we wanted to make sure what we are doing is ethical and is adding real value to everyone involved with Viraasi.

All Viraasi collections are produced in small batch (below 50). That means all our pieces are one of its own kind, low stock and exquisite. We are a body positive and size inclusive team and thus we take custom orders per style to help you get your size where we convert another size into your size. We don’t not keep extra fabrics at our warehouse to replenish, if needed we purchase it again.

Viraasi fabrics are ethical i.e. sourced from workshops/warehouses that pay good wages to their workers. Being a small batch production brand, we are paying our workers better as well (charges per outfit).

Viraasi plans to have 0 wastage of sourced fabrics and all leftover cutouts will be utilized in making something useful for our workers, team members or customers.
We understand that less is always more and hence we encourage you to invest in only what you need and invest in brands that support ethical fashion and apparel that are long lasting.

We wish ethical and slow fashion to be available, accessible and affordable for everyone. 🍃🌱