SLOW & ETHICAL FASHION – House of Viraasi


Before claiming our status as an eco-friendly, sustainable brand, it was imperative for us at Viraasi to ensure that our practices align with ethical standards, offering genuine value to everyone associated with our brand.

Here's a closer look at what makes Viraasi stand out:

- All Viraasi collections are crafted in small batches, typically below 50 pieces. This approach ensures that each piece is unique, part of a limited stock, and inherently exquisite. We embrace body positivity and size inclusivity, welcoming custom orders per style to tailor our designs to your specific size, converting other sizes as needed.

- We consciously avoid maintaining excess fabrics at our warehouse for replenishment. If required, we opt to purchase additional fabric, minimizing wastage and promoting a sustainable approach.

- Our fabric sourcing is ethical, emphasizing collaboration with workshops and warehouses that prioritize fair wages for their workers. As a small-batch production brand, we extend this commitment by compensating our workers more generously on a per-outfit basis.

- Viraasi is dedicated to achieving zero wastage of sourced fabrics. Any leftover cutouts are repurposed to create useful items for our workers, team members, or customers. We believe in the philosophy that less is more, encouraging you to invest in only what you genuinely need and supporting brands that champion ethical fashion, offering apparel that stands the test of time.

- Our vision is to make ethical and slow fashion available, accessible, and affordable for everyone. 🍃🌱

By championing ethical and sustainable practices, we aspire to contribute to a fashion landscape that values quality, consciousness, and the well-being of both our customers and the environment.